The Bible, composed of the Old and New Testaments, is the Word of God, a treasure that is fully inspired and without error.  It is full of life-changing power and is the final authority for all matters of Christian life and belief. 

There is one true and living God, who exists eternally as a perfect and mysterious community of three persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) who are equal in divine perfection but execute distinct functions in the work of the Godhead. 

Men and women were created by God in His own image. They were made to enjoy life and fellowship together with their creator and were given the high purpose of guarding and cultivating the beauty of His creation on His behalf. 

Through the entrance of sin (the willful rejection of God and His purposes) into the world, men and women incurred upon themselves physical and spiritual death, their relationships were marred with strife, and the perfect beauty of creation was undone.  People are separated from their creator by their sin and are lost and without hope apart from God’s restoring work in Jesus Christ. 

God the Father, in love and faithfulness, sent the Son (Jesus Christ) to be born of a virgin, demonstrate a new (forgotten) way to be human in perfect obedience to the Father, to assume and suffer in His flesh the curse and penalty of the sins of His people – death, and to wage warfare with the enemies of sin and evil. 

God the Father sent the Spirit to raise Jesus in victory over those enemies and their arsenal of death and exalted Him to a place of power and authority over the affairs of His world, so beginning the great renewal of all things.

God sends the Spirit to indwell His people and begin applying that victory and renewal in their lives by convicting them to turn away from sin and entrust their lives to His saving work and by progressively remaking them into the image of Christ.  The Spirit also empowers us to participate with God’s ongoing mission throughout the World by giving us gifts with which to build up the Church and neighborhoods of which we are a part.

The Church is the gathering of God’s people for the purposes of worship, sacrificial service to Christ and one another, and demonstrating together to a broken world the great love and life-changing victory of Jesus Christ. We are called to be joined in life together as a local Church but then also be joined in prayer and mission with like-minded Churches in our community, other Bible Fellowship Churches, and the Church universal sent throughout the World. 

This amazing and undeserved activity of God will culminate when Jesus Christ returns to finish what was begun in His death and resurrection – the elimination of sin and death from His good creation, the wiping away of every tear, and the full and eternal enjoyment of God with His people without separation.


A full description of our denomination's beliefs can be found in our Articles of Faith and our Biblical Principles for Living.