At Grace, we recommend the English Standard Version of the Bible for general reading and study.  You can read or listen to any portion of the ESV Bible online or through an app for your phone at ESV.ORG

We want to encourage you to be reading through the Bible.  To aid in that, there are many good Bible Reading Plans, Bible Reading Apps, and Devotional Guides available.  Below are a few that people at Grace have found helpful over the years.

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Personal Bible Reading Plans

Grace BFC Through the Bible in a Year - This plan has you reading through the Old Testament on weekdays and the New Testament on weekends.

The Bible Project - The Bible Project has short video introductions to each book of the Bible as well as a year long plan to read through the entire Bible.  To see a video overview of the entire Bible as well as get video overviews of each book and several key themes of the Bible, as well as regular emails to encourage your Bible Reading, go to the Bible Project website.  You can also download their Read Scripture App.

Classic Through the Bible in a Year plans - If you would like a Bible Reading plan that includes a mix of Old and New Testament each day, you can print several from the Navigator Website.

Variety of Through the Bible in a Year plans - for a variety of ways to read through the Bible in a Year, see the ESV Bible Reading Guides website.  Many of these are available in a variety of formats, including apps to use on your smartphone.

Additional Help - for additional help on using some of these plans, as well as some recommended books to aid in your Bible Reading, see this blog post from the Gospel Coalition entitled "Reading the Whole Bible in 2016: an FAQ"

Alternate Plans - Below are a few plans people in the church have liked that are either shorter duration focusing on a section of Scripture, or that take you through the Bible more slowly over multiple years.

Reading the Bible with your Family

There are lots of good family devotional guides out there.

The Good Book Company provides a very solid, Bible study oriented series guides for various different age groups.  Pastor Bickel can provide free sample copies from any series, or you can order directly from The Good Book Company

Another great way to lead you family in devotions is by reading through a theologically sound children's Bible - Pastor Aaron recommends The Jesus Storybook Bible which you can get online from places like Christian Book Distributors or Amazon.

Read the Bible – With Family

Bible Apps and Online Bible Resources

The websites below provide apps for your mobile devices that will help you manage a regular Bible reading.  Some of these sites also let you listen to the Bible, or you can purchase a variety of audio Bibles if you prefer listening to reading.

If you want some good pointers and encouragement in how to read the Bible, as well as how to lead others in the study of God's Word, Pastor Mark recommends the blog Knowable Word.