Pastor Aaron Susek

Senior Pastor

Aaron joined our pastoral team in February, 2016. He comes to us from the world of BFC Church planting where he learned the richness of thecommunity of Christ and the power of His Spirit operating through ordinary means and vessels. He comes aided by the wisdom and examples of countless teachers – a wife who has modeled the beauty of experiencing Christ in day to day faithfulness, three daughters who’ve taught him about joy and forgiveness, parents and brothers who instilled an early need of Christ’s rescue and the value of faith, grandparents who quietly displayed a love for the Church, neighbors and skeptics who’ve asked tough questions, seminary professors and Sunday School teachers who faithfully taught the Word, poets and artists who’ve pointed towards the beauty in creation, and all the while, a God who has accompanied these with His presence and unrelenting grace. Aaron brings a love to see God’s Word stir and excite life in seasoned followers of Christ and those curiously looking in. He gets excited when rescued sinners enjoy freedom to confess weakness, let down walls, and receive grace to grow from Christ and His family. And He prays the broader community will enjoy rich blessing through Grace BFC living in the neighborhood. When "off the clock" you might find Aaron lamenting the woes of Philly sports with other wearied fans, reading Flannery O’Connor while waiting for pulled pork to come off the grill, or venturing in the woods with family and friends.

You can contact Pastor Aaron below or call (610) 876-8725 x211