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2021 Taste of the World

Below are links to YouTube videos from our Global Partners from our 2021 Taste of the World Conference.  To protect our partners we ask that you not share links to any of the videos below outside the Grace family.  Some videos may be removed after Thanksgiving.  If you have questions, or want to contact any of our partners, please contact Pastor Mark at


Video  Partner / Title Link to Video
1 Promo Video - Teaser Video for Conference VIDEO
2 Partner Video - Summary from all partners VIDEO
3 Jerry & Carolyn: France & Australia  VIDEO
4  Jenn - Thailand See Kid's Conference Videos Below
5  Jess - Mexico See Kid's Conference Videos Below
6 B & J - Asia  VIDEO
7 Comfort Foundation - Russia  VIDEO
8 Compassion Corps - Liberia  VIDEO


Category Title Video
Kids Jenn - Thailand  VIDEO
Kids Jenn - School (CRICS)  VIDEO
Kids Jenn - Students talk about Thailand  VIDEO
Kids Jenn - Food  VIDEO
Kids Jenn - Religion  VIDEO
Kids Jess - Mexico  VIDEO
Kids Jess - School (Bridgeway)  VIDEO
Kids Jess - Daily Life  VIDEO
Kids Jess - Food  VIDEO
Kids Jess - Religion  VIDEO
Conference Friday Opening 11/5  VIDEO
Conference Sunday School and Worship 11/7  VIDEO
Conference Saturday Prayer 11/13  Coming Soon
Conference Sunday Worship 11/14  Coming Soon
Fun Mark's Missionary Journey  Coming Soon
Fun Conference Summary ~ Photos and Videos from throughout the Conference  Coming Soon