Worship Outdoors Sundays at 10AM

Weather permitting, we will be holding our Sunday Worship services outdoors at 10am.  We will seat people social distanced outside in the portion of the church parking lot between the Sanctuary and Pastor Aaron's house.   Since we will be outside masks will be optional, with the exception that we ask people to wear a mask when singing.  People are encouraged to bring their own chairs, or metal folding chairs will be available.  We ask everyone to enter the parking lot through what would normally be the exit by the Cowen's home (entrance closest to Waterford Way) and follow directions of the parking attendants. Bathrooms in the church will be accessible through the side door of the church closest to the stage.  If there is a forecast of inclement weather, we will meet in the gym instead (change of location will be posted on our website by 7am Sunday morning).  Hope you can all join us to worship our Lord in the great outdoors!

Food and Fellowship ~ each Sunday we are able to meet outdoors from April 18 - May 30 we plan to provide refreshments after Worship to encourage people to stick around and talk with one another!  Some weeks it may be burgers or hotdogs, others Philly pretzels and lemonade.  All will be prepared and served in covid-safe ways.  All are welcome to partake!

Special Note for April 25 and May 30 – we are planning to celebrate Communion during the April 25 and May 30 outdoor services. We will have the elements for that in prepackaged containers on several tables on the edges of the seating area and we will have a time in the service where you can go to get the elements.

LiveStream: If you can not attend you can also livestream the service at 10am on our YouTube Channel HERE

Find out more about our Covid-19 Protocols HERE

Questions?  Contact Pastor Mark

We do not require pre-registration for our outdoor services