Partnering in the Gospel


Philemon 1:6

The Apostle Paul thanked God for Philemon, his "Partner in the Gospel" and prayed that he would be active in sharing his faith with others. It is our prayer that we who are part of the Grace Church Family will increase our partnership and involvement with the missionaries and ministry organizations we support and do all we can to impact this generation with the Message of Hope in Christ!


One way that Grace Church can partner with local and overseas ministries is by being generous with our financial resources. This year’s conference goal is $15,000. Our giving will be divided between Camp Promise’s building project, "A Promise Kept", which will put a new building on the property of Big Sky Bible Camp and make year-round ministry possible for disabled campers. The other portion of our giving will be used to support Grace Church’s 2019 Short Term Missions program.

We also hope that many of us will become involved in greater ways in praying for and participating in our local outreach through personal witness, involvement in local ministries and also in praying for and being connected with our global missionary endeavors. Maybe some will say, "Here am I, send me".

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